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What is Ayamel?

Ayamel is a web-based system for streaming video and audio content especially as it applies to learning a foreign language. It houses a collection of media all with the express purpose of helping you learn languages.

Text helps

Additional aids are available to be used in conjunction with the media, such as captions and annotations. A key feature of the site enables learners to directly interact with subtitle tracks to quickly access translations for foreign words and phrases and iew relevant annotations.

For school

Teachers or course designers are able to aggregate media into a single location and set up specific conditions in order to optimize the learning experience. Statistics and analytics are available to improve the learning experience.

LTI compatible

Because Ayamel uses the LTI standard, seamless integration with LMSs is possible. This means media on Ayamel is able to be dropped right into a course. Take full advantage of Ayamel's features and tools to create to best possible learning experience.

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